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Article: Secret Nature Bourbon Sugar Indoor THCA Flower Review

Secret Nature Bourbon Sugar Indoor THCA Flower Review

Secret Nature Bourbon Sugar Indoor THCA Flower Review

You’re not the only one for whom New Orleans comes to mind upon hearing the words “bourbon” and “sugar.” Not quite as risque as the businesses on Bourbon Street and not quite as sweet as Sunday-morning beignets, Bourbon Sugar nonetheless perfectly evokes the slow, drawling Creole vibe — just a puff makes you feel like you’re on the front porch of your swamp shack with no worries aside from blasting any gators that may snap at your heels.

Or, maybe the above is all a bunch of poetic nonsense brought on by smoking too much Bourbon Sugar. Over the course of this in-depth review of Secret Nature’s new THCA strain, you be the judge.

Bourbon Sugar THCA Flower overview

  • Total cannabinoids: 25%
  • CBD %: 0.05%
  • THCA %: 21%
  • THC %: <0.3%
  • Appearance: Light-green, yellowish with light-orange hairs
  • Aroma: Sweets, pastries
  • Effects: Light, relaxing indica-hybrid effect profile
  • Best for: All-around use, may be enjoyed better at night


If and when the United States Postal Service breaks down, Secret Nature might have some trouble shipping products. I predict Secret Nature lasts longer than your local post office, though, just due to the considerable differences in customer service quality.

Communication is always excellent with Secret Nature staff. I knew where my Bourbon Sugar was from the moment it was put in a box until it arrived in my mailbox. And, the whole process only took four or five days (transit from Southern California to North Idaho). No complaints whatsoever.

Unboxing & first impressions

Bourbon Sugar was the third eighth I opened up when unboxing my Secret Nature care package. I’ll be frank — compared to the glorious aromas and appearance of Kush Glue and Melon Frost, Bourbon Sugar was a bit underwhelming. At a glance, Bourbon Sugar doesn’t look that different from low-grade outdoor weed. It’s only when you closely inspect it and grind it up that Bourbon Sugar’s immense value begins speaking for itself.


Bourbon Sugar came in the same packaging that has become standard for Secret Nature eighths: An elegant, black mylar bag equipped with a strain-specific sticker and QR code. The QR code is the most important part to me: I scanned it at once and was taken directly to Secret Nature’s lab report page. If I had any other questions about the strain, all the necessary information is available on the official Bourbon Sugar product page.

Aroma & appearance

To be honest, Bourbon Sugar isn’t that mind-blowing when viewed or smelled. It looks mostly like generic weed — well-grown, but without the distinctive quirks that make some nugs so picture-perfect. The nugs themselves are medium-green and covered in quite-pale orange hairs.

In aroma, Bourbon Sugar smells mostly sweet but is pretty nondescript. This isn’t a strain you need to worry about filling the whole house with an unmistakably dank aroma. The culinary notes actually help mask Bourbon Sugar as some sort of exotic essential oil or confectionary.


The flavor of Bourbon Sugar is pretty unassuming, which can be pleasant enough in its own way. This strain reminded me that cannabis doesn’t have to be brightly colored or have an unusual taste to be great. Bourbon Sugar is proof that being ordinary is far from the same thing as being mediocre.

When I take a hit of Bourbon Sugar with my Session Goods bong, I first taste sweetness and then a bit of dough. Underneath it all, there’s a sharpness that could easily be interpreted as reminiscent of liquor. There’s no unpleasant aftertaste, and overall, Bourbon Sugar doesn’t push your palate much in any direction — it reminds me of the way a powdered sugar donut absorbs the acidity when you drink coffee.

How to use Secret Nature Bourbon Sugar THCA Flower

Bourbon Sugar is a very dense strain, so it might not comport that well to joints. I found that, even in a bong bowl, it took quite a bit of flame to get my entire bowl of Bourbon Sugar smoking. Once it was, though, the potent and thick smoke utterly filled my lungs.

I would rate Bourbon Sugar around a 7/10 when it comes to smoke thickness. Bongs or pipes are definitely the way to go with this strain. Maybe a blunt?

Activation time & effects

The effects of Bourbon Sugar come on like those of its indirect namesake, the bourbon cocktail known as the Old Fashioned. Rather than making you feel instantly, frantically stoned, this mild indica lulls you into a state of smooth relaxation, helping you see the bright side of things and releasing tension. You might not feel stoned after smoking Bourbon Sugar for 3-5 minutes, but you’ll appreciate the gentleness of the high after it has time to descend. 

How long does Bourbon Sugar Indoor THCA Flower last?

The effects of Bourbon Sugar THCA flower last for around 30-40 minutes before gradually fading away. As a high-tolerance user, I was completely sober after around an hour.

As long as there’s other weed to smoke, Bourbon Sugar is a strain that tends to stick around for a while. More than a week after receiving my products in the mail, there are still a couple of buds in the mylar pouch.

Secret Nature Bourbon Sugar THCA Flower expiration

All cannabis flower degrades to the point of being unusable after around a year, and Bourbon Sugar is no exception. Kept in a cool, dark place in a completely sealed airtight container, Bourbon Sugar might still be just the same way it was when you bought it after around six months. Past that point, though, quality degrades until the point the flower eventually becomes non-smokeable.

Secret Nature Bourbon Sugar THCA Flower use journal

Bourbon Sugar is a strain to savor and break out on a dark, stormy night — kind of like an Old Fashioned. To borrow from gamer-speke, I didn’t “main” this strain, so it lasted a bit longer than I expected. Over the time I used it, though, I got to know Bourbon Sugar quite well. Here are my thoughts, broken into bullet-point chunks:

Secret Nature Bourbon Sugar THCA Flower after 1 day

  • This strain is a “sleeper” in that it’s initially underwhelming but packs a serious punch
  • At a glance, it looks very generic
  • The unexciting appearance masks extremely dense and stoney buds, though
  • The buds would have been difficult to grind if they hadn’t been grown so well
  • The resulting pile of ground weed sticks together easily and stays sticky even when left out
  • The effects are pretty balanced but definitely lean toward indica relaxation
  • I note a pretty powerful head high as well, though
  • A mind-bender and a body-relaxer — the perfect indulgence

Secret Nature Bourbon Sugar THCA Flower after 3 days

  • I’ve tried Bourbon Sugar a few times at this point
  • Each was in the late afternoon or evening
  • It’s a great strain to smoke right before a gaming session
  • Or, you might want to catch up on your favorite show
  • Bourbon Sugar makes everything more fun and enjoyable
  • Its head high can even get away from you at times
  • The whole strain has a carnivalesque vibe — Mardis Gras

Secret Nature Bourbon Sugar THCA Flower after 7 days

  • I’ve smoked about half my eighth at this point
  • Other strains have taken priority
  • I’ll be glad to turn to Bourbon Sugar whenever I want to get more enjoyment out of relaxing
  • It’s not exactly my “before-bed indica,” but it could definitely be used that way
  • For me, Bourbon Sugar is more the iconic lazy stoner strain
  • I can imagine the Big Lebowski thinking this strain was pretty neat, man
  • No matter how much I smoke Bourbon Sugar, it never seems to get in my way

Secret Nature Bourbon Sugar Indoor THCA Flower use tips

Bourbon Sugar is a nuanced strain it might take some time to get used to. It’s not exactly the type of hybrid that you can smoke all day and still get work done, but it might be for some people. I was really surprised by the density of this strain and how hard it hit given its uninspiring appearance. Bourbon Sugar reminded me of a lesson we should all keep in mind from time to time: Never judge a book by its cover.

What is Bourbon Sugar Indoor THCA Flower best for?

Bourbon Sugar is a great strain for forgetting about your worries and living in the moment. It shouldn’t trigger much anxiety for most people, but what Bourbon Sugar will do is help you relax and focus on matters and hand. Whether it’s hanging out with family or making sure you meet a deadline, rely on Bourbon Sugar to smooth out the edges and make situations easier to handle.

Reviewer’s notes

Bourbon Sugar THCA Flower from Secret Nature is only the latest in a long line of great things that can take some getting used to. From the unusual taste of the Old Fashioned cocktail to the offbeat culture of New Orleans, there are plenty of acquired tastes among which Bourbon Sugar should feel right at home.

I have no choice but to admit that other buds in my package originally caught my eye much more fiercely. Bourbon Sugar looked average by comparison, but I’m very glad I gave it a chance. It’s only after further examination that I recognized Bourbon Sugar as one of the most potent THCA strains Secret Nature offers, something that should pique the interest of any high-tolerance smoker.

Bourbon Sugar might make your verbiage more loquacious, or it might make you so stoned you can’t think straight. Either way, you’ll feel sublimely enthroned in a seat of honor throughout the whole process — from its high cannabinoid potency to its dank density, Secret Nature THCA Bourbon Sugar rolls out the red carpet for smokers of all kinds.

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