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Article: Secret Nature Melon Frost Indoor THCA Flower Review

Secret Nature Melon Frost Indoor THCA Flower Review

Secret Nature Melon Frost Indoor THCA Flower Review

Melon Frost is true to its name in two ways: It tastes just like watermelon (or, maybe, weed-ermelon), and it makes you feel lit and frosty. If you’re already on the jumpier side, this seriously sativa strain might make you too high-strung. Those who need a strain to carry on a conversation or get through a hike, however, should look no further. Thus begins our in-depth review of Secret Nature’s new THCA-rich version of Melon Frost — this time in flower form.

Melon Frost Indoor THCA Flower overview

  • Total cannabinoids: 22%
  • CBD %: <1%
  • THCA %: 20%
  • THC %: <0.3%
  • Appearance: Long, lanky, light-green and orange-purple
  • Effects: Strongly uplifting sativa
  • Best for: Moving around, doing things with friends


Shipping with Secret Nature has never been a disappointing experience. Orders are generally sent with USPS and arrive after around five days. Only once has my order been delayed, and that was due to a carrier error Secret Nature had no control over.

My package containing Melon Frost THCA and eight other products arrived very rapidly and discreetly. For such sweet-smelling weed, I was amazed that my mailbox didn’t reek even the tiniest bit.

Unboxing & first impressions

Opening Secret Nature packages is easier than ever before. Back in the day, larger orders came in flat-rate boxes that had to be sealed and cushioned considerably to avoid odor leakage and damage to (sometimes glass) containers.

Now, though, Secret Nature products appear to generally come in basic mylar bags, which is an improvement in shipping efficiency. What’s more, Secret Nature has found a way to keep these bags completely smell-proof… somehow. The moment you unseal the package, though, the cat is out of the bag, so to speak.

Put bluntly, this weed reeks! Not since the days of walking into home-grows and basking in the aromatic glow has the scent of high-end cannabis filled all the rooms of the house this way. This is definitely a good thing, but it could be a hazard for those who aren’t used to containing the presence of this magnitude of dank.


It might have been done to save on costs in a shrinking economy, but the packaging Secret Nature has switched to can easily be seen as an improvement. The iconic tins in which strains like Melon Frost once came are now gone, but so are higher shipping costs and occasional resealing issues. The packaging my Melon Frost THCA buds came in was great — I found the bag very easy to reseal.

Aroma & appearance

Melon Frost isn’t as close to watermelon in aroma as it is in taste. Even to connoisseur sensibilities, this strain smells roughly like a sugary-sweet sativa with a definite fruity side. It’s only when you smoke it that the reason behind Melon Frost’s name becomes readily apparent.

The buds aren’t as long and lanky as some sativas, but this definitely isn’t indica weed either. A predominantly light-green background is speckled with ample shades of purple (the tips of the buds) and orange (the pistils). Lithe and colorful, Secret Nature THCA Melon Frost is undeniably attractive cannabis.

How to use Melon Frost Indoor THCA Flower

Melon Frost doesn’t have a particularly unusual texture, making it equally suitable for smoking any way you like. I found this to be an easy strain to roll into a joint — it grinds light and fluffy, so it fills up the paper while still providing lots of airflow.

It’s so light and fluffy, actually, that I thought some Melon Frost might waft out through the window as I packed bong bowls. This strain burns fast in a bowl, and it provides crisp, moderately thick smoke.


Melon Frost has a very surprising flavor for those who aren’t accustomed. The unique terpene notes of this strain come through more strongly in the vape, but a powerful taste of melon is nonetheless present in the flower smoke as well.

The flavor profile appears to almost perfectly mimic watermelon — with a bit of dank sprinkled in, of course. In terms of texture, the smoke is very light and smooth, nearly ethereal.

Activation time & effects

Melon Frost seems to hit quickly compared to other strains. Almost immediately, you’ll feel your ego balloon inflate nearly to bursting, and you might legitimately feel uncomfortable without someone to talk to or something to do.

To be honest, I’ve never had a sativa strain hit me quite as… sativa-ly. I’ve heard that the strain Green Crack has the tendency to get you very energetic, so what does that make Melon Frost?

This strain didn’t quite trigger my anxiety, but it also didn’t chill me out. I would peg Secret Nature Melon Frost as about the furthest you can get from a stoney, down-to-earth indica.

How long does Melon Frost Indoor THCA Flower last?

The effects of Melon Frost are comparatively short-lived, which isn’t unexpected for sativas. You’re in for a wild ride with this strain, but it will start to slow down at around the 45-minute mark.

As far as how long your eighth (or quarter) of Melon Frost will last you, this isn’t a strain that you’ll smoke away before you even know it’s gone. In my opinion, Melon Frost isn’t weed you can just puff on and ignore. It has a strong personality, and it will spur you to action unlike perhaps any other sativa.

Melon Frost Indoor THCA Flower expiration

Secret Nature Melon Frost indoor flower expires after a year at most. Kept in ideal conditions in a sealed container, Melon Frost might still be perfectly smokeable for six months or longer. Cannabinoids degrade when exposed to oxygen, though, so make sure to keep that bag tightly sealed.

Secret Nature Melon Frost Indoor THCA Flower use journal

It took me around a week to make it all the way through my eighth of Melon Frost. Wait, there’s still a nug in the bag! Score.

Back to the point, this is a strain I savored and relied on when I needed energy the most. Here’s how things went:

Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA Flower after 1 day

  • My first impressions of the strain are great
  • Smaller, light-green nugs with purple tips
  • A fruity, minty aroma bursts out like a firehose when you open the bag
  • The nugs are not particularly dense
  • A bit drier than Kush Glue
  • Still top-shelf material, variations are expected and even welcomed among strains
  • Very well-frosted nugs
  • Grinds into a light fluff
  • Smoke is light and very tasty with a good texture
  • The melon flavor is not as apparent as in the vape
  • Almost immediately, I feel compelled to go outside
  • I hit my Melon Frost THCA Disposable while on a walk to keep the effects going
  • This was the perfect strain for an early afternoon follow-up to my morning Kush Glue toke

Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA Flower after 3 days

  • I’ve smoked a bowl or two of this strain every afternoon
  • It doesn’t help me focus that much as a hyperactive person
  • What it does is make me feel so restless that I have to go exercise
  • Talking with someone about a mutually interesting topic also sometimes works
  • It’s rare for a strain to disrupt my lifestyle this much
  • I’ve started welcoming the powerful boost of energy I experience every afternoon with Melon Frost

Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA Flower after 7 days

  • Melon Frost is all gone (actually, there was that nug we discovered earlier)
  • It was an intense experience, much like riding a roller coaster
  • You’re both relieved and disappointed when it’s over
  • I found this to be an ideal strain for an energy boost whenever desired
  • As you get sleepy in the evening, though, strong sativas like these can mess with your head
  • I didn’t exactly hallucinate, but sights and sounds got a bit distorted when I smoked too much of this strain in the evening hours
  • What I loved best about Melon Frost was smoking it and then being active outside

Melon Frost THCA Flower use tips

Melon Frost is an ideal social strain. It gives you the energy to carry on conversations with proper listening and also provides the inspiration to keep others interested. Roll it into a joint to share among friends.

This is also a pretty awesome strain for smoking either outside or just before going outside. I mostly smoked this strain in my bong, which I didn’t feel like flashing to the neighbors. The moment the smoke billowed out of my lungs, however, I was ready for adventure.

Just keep in mind this is a strong sativa that grinds pretty fluffy. Both of these attributes make Melon Frost a strain you should handle with care.

What is Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA best for?

Secret Nature Melon Frost is best for occasional use in social or outdoor situations. For some, it might be an all-around strain suited for use all day. In my experience, however, super-strong sativas like these have a tendency to get away from you when used without discretion.

If you are at all prone to paranoia or anxiety when smoking weed, be very cautious with Melon Frost. It has that special ability to alter your headspace that some love but others dread.

Even if you get a bit weirded out by Melon Frost, the remedy is always just taking a quick trip outside. Breathe the air, look for critters, and watch the clouds. You’ll feel better immediately, allowing Melon Frost to continue its work of connecting you with it all.

Reviewer’s notes

When beginning this series of reviews, I purposely chose what appeared to be the stoniest indica and the most uplifting sativa out of the batch. My initial instincts were right on — Kush Glue gave me worse couch lock than I’ve had in years, and Melon Frost reminded me of that time in college I got so high I was about to panic-call an ambulance until a friend took me for a walk outside.

Despite initial appearances, neither of these experiences were negative. It’s just that I haven’t found weed to do what it is supposed to do this well in quite a long time. The irony is not lost on me that this is weed bought on the Internet, something I could never have dreamed of doing in my college days.

Melon Frost is the real deal. In a market dominated by disappointing and mediocre products, Secret Nature never fails to deliver on the promise in its name: unveiling the secret, natural power of cannabis to change our lives.

3 similar products to try

Melon Frost may be unique among sativas, but there are a few other strains you should also try if it’s your goal to become a sativa connoisseur. Here are three examples:

  1. Secret Nature Lemon Cherry THCA Flower: It’s a sativa-leaning hybrid that might clear your mental palate after Melon Frost’s extreme uplift. Purplish buds and notes of citrus abound.
  2. Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD Flower: Secret Nature’s most-loved CBD sativa. It won’t get you high, but Papaya Nights remains a beauty to smell and behold.
  3. Secret Nature Sativa Greenhouse THCA Flower: Secret Nature THCA buds at a discount. Citron is a great sativa to choose from this excellent lineup of reduced-price, greenhouse-grown buds.

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