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Exotic Top Shelf THCA Flowers and Pre-rolls

It's time to go Beyond The High.

Lab Tested

Pesticide free

Zero additives

Life is about Balance

Our products may help you unwind, create, and handle the everyday obstacles that life throws our way.

- Spark your creativity & focus

- Relax your mind & body

- Sleep deeply and awaken refreshed

Ignite your body & mind

Only true full-spectrum cannabis products provide real relief. Our flowers & extracts contain high levels of naturally occurring cannabinoids & terpenes, providing the ultimate entourage effect and the best experience. Relieve your mental and physical ailments, and enhance your lifestyle.

Blog posts

What Do Terpenes Do in Gummies?

What Do Terpenes Do in Gummies?

Terpenes are an important part of the cannabis plant that don’t lose their importance when included in edibles. In fact, the benefits of terpenes may become even stronger when ingested orally, w...

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How to Store Hemp Gummies

How to Store Hemp Gummies

For the most part, storing hemp gummies is just like storing any other food. However, some special rules do apply. Learn how to store your hemp gummies properly, and you’ll be able to enjoy them...

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Is THCA Flower the Same as Weed?

Is THCA Flower the Same as Weed?

There’s a new type of hemp flower you can buy online: THCA flower. People are saying THCA flower is exactly the same as the type of weed you can buy at dispensaries, but is that actually true? I...

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What is the best CBD flower for pain?

Users often report that high-potency indica or hybrid CBD flower strains like Frosted Kush or Dough Boy are best for day-to-day chronic pain needs. If you’re willing to expand your horizons a bit, CBD vapes offer even more potency while often being more convenient.

Which strain of CBD flower is strongest?

At over 24% CBD, Blood Diamond remains the strongest strain of CBD flower ever bred. Some Secret Nature strains are now beginning to rival Blood Diamond in terms of potency, but this strain still occupies the pinnacle of cannabinoid potency that has so-far been achieved in low-THC cannabis flower.

Which CBD flower is good for anxiety?

Our recommendation is to consult reviews for individual Traphaus CBD flower products, keeping an eye out for reviewers with symptoms similar to yours. Then, simply experiment with strains until you find the cultivar that takes you to your “Zen place” the best.

Variety & Quality

Although we focus on flowers and extracts, we offer other unique products like capsules and tinctures, with an emphasis on unique, synergistic products that combine cannabinoids and other beenficial plant-based ingredients. 

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