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Article: Secret Nature Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower Review

Secret Nature Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower Review

Secret Nature Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower Review

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating Secret Nature’s new line of greenhouse THCA flower. Yes, it’s grown in a greenhouse, so the quality is naturally going to be somewhat lower.

What’s truly amazing, though, is the potency of strains like Cherry Cough, which go above and beyond what anyone has come to expect from greenhouse grows. Learn why Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower ended up being one of the strains I enjoyed most in my Secret Nature shipment — even if it’s admittedly a little rough around the edges.

Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower overview

  • Total cannabinoids: 28.7%
  • CBD %: <0.1%
  • THCA %: 23.5%
  • THC %: <0.1%
  • Appearance: Medium-green buds with orange hairs and a light dusting of crystals
  • Aroma: Very plant-y with undertones of peppery sweetness
  • Effects: Very potent and somewhat generic indica high
  • Best for: Saving money while still getting as high on an indica as ever


For anyone like me who hasn’t placed an order for a while, it might at first come as a surprise that even larger Secret Nature shipments now come in black, compact mylar mailers. The choice to switch to this new system may mainly have been born from an intent to save money, but it also makes products easier to handle.

Jars and similar containers may have a degree of swagger to them, but simple mylar envelopes have gradually become the gold standard of the cannabis industry. They take up less space, they’re easier to recycle, and they’re more sustainable to produce in the first place.

My package arrived entirely unscathed and complete with a letter from Kight Law informing any interested parties how THCA is different from THC. I’ve reused the mailer now for other purposes, but it did a good job of keeping all of my products together when there were still nearly a dozen to sort through.

Unboxing & first impressions

There’s no way around this simple fact: Cherry Cough Greenhouse had the least favorable first impression of any of the buds Secret Nature had sent. With indoor cannabis, SN clearly takes the time necessary to cure nugs to the point they smell amazing from the moment you open the bag.

With greenhouse or outdoor weed, though, it’s hard to get rid of the “plant smell” even after extensive curing. There was nothing at all wrong with my Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower, it just smelled like what it is — mid-grade (but high-potency) cannabis grown in a greenhouse and most likely cured in a barn or similar structure.

Once you crack open a juicy nug of Cherry Cough, any uncouth first impressions dissipate immediately. This is certainly one book you don’t want to judge by its cover.


I love the packaging that Secret Nature now uses with its vape carts, disposables, and flower: A simple, compact mylar bag. The package keeps buds fresh while taking up hardly any weight or space, which is both good for the environment and the US Postal Service.

The important part is the sticker on the back with basic strain information and a QR code leading to corresponding lab tests. Scratch that — in the case of Cherry Cough THCA, this sticker was absolutely essential.

Everywhere else on my Cherry Cough package, I could only find “CBD” with no mention of “THCA.” My guess is that Secret Nature ran out of THCA envelopes due to the immense popularity of their new THCA line and had to use CBD packaging as a last resort.

Whatever the package might say elsewhere, just look at the sticker to see if it contains THCA. If the package makes it look like your Cherry Cough weed contains CBD at first glance, look closely — especially at the QR code sticker on the back.

Aroma & appearance

There’s no way around the fact that Secret Nature Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower doesn’t smell that great when you open the package. Removing a bud, though, it’s clear some high-quality genetics and cultivation went into the mix, inviting you to crack the nug open and take another whiff.

Once you do, a peppery and sweet aroma will be noticeable that was covered up by chlorophyll before. You’ll also notice that the buds themselves look better than you expected — light-green, moist and spongy with delicate orange hairs and more than a few white crystals to go around.

How to use Secret Nature Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower

I found that it was best to smoke this greenhouse weed in a bong to filter out some of the harshness. If you hadn’t guessed already, Cherry Cough is known for its spicy, tickly throat feel, and growing this strain in a greenhouse only makes it sharper on the inhale.

Pipes are not recommended, but you might be able to get away with a joint that has a long mouthpiece. Just come prepared for smoke that isn’t as smooth as what you’re used to with indoor buds.


The flavor of Secret Nature Cherry Cough starts out unassuming — especially in the greenhouse form of the strain. As you take your mouth away from the bong, though, you’ll notice a tingling on your lips. This tingling will make its way to your lungs as well, where it might make you cough.

This is all momentary, though, and part of the experience. The smoke tastes peppery on the way in and leaves a menthol-like tingling with the aftertaste. With the greenhouse variety of Cherry Cough, this aftertaste was quite pronounced and had a tinge of chlorophyll to it.

Activation time & effects

The effects of Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower come on slowly but surely, like a steam engine chugging along a prairie at sunset. It should be noted that, as long as I’m reading the lab reports right, this strain contains almost 30% THC — much higher than average for greenhouse weed and far more than enough to get you thoroughly stoned.

Cherry Cough certainly feels potent enough to match its lab reports. This peaceful, relaxing indica stone is all-encompassing, making my brain feel like it’s being flooded with dopamine. Be careful with Cherry Cough THCA during the middle of the day since it might make you need an unexpected nap.

How long does Secret Nature Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower last?

The effects of this greenhouse version of Cherry Cough THCA lasted about as long as any strain I’ve tried. I was still pleasantly stoned a full hour after taking a single hit — as a high-tolerance user, that’s a bit of a rarity. I’d say the effects persisted for at least 90 minutes before petering out entirely.

For me, greenhouse weed is easy to conserve because it doesn’t taste the best. Whether it’s a vape cart, a pre-roll, or flower, I have a harder time stopping myself if the flavor is extra-delicious. Consider the minor notes of chlorophyll to be a disincentive from smoking your Cherry Cough too fast.

Secret Nature Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower expiration

Since it is greenhouse weed, expect your Secret Nature Cherry Cough THCA Flower to stop being good to smoke after around six months. Try to use it within 90 days of receipt for the best effects.

Cannabis buds stop being smokeable 6-12 months after they are harvested. Greenhouse-grown cannabis, which is often drier and lower-grade, can lose its potency or physically break down somewhat faster.

Secret Nature Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower use journal

So far, we’ve discussed the strain from an objective perspective. Now, use my notes to get a close-up view of what it’s like to use Cherry Cough over the course of a week:

Secret Nature Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower after 1 day

  • Peppery, sweet, and dank aroma
  • Buds are reasonably dense and quite sticky
  • Good moisture content overall
  • The aroma of the strain comes out more when you break up a bug
  • Thick smoke, potent taste
  • Plant taste gives way to minty spiciness
  • The smoke almost has a menthol effect
  • Very pleasant
  • One small nug produced around three bowls in the Session Goods Bong

Secret Nature Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower after 3 days

  • I turn to this strain in the evening when I want to get good and stoned
  • The flavor really isn’t that bad
  • It’s what you’d expect from mid-tier weed bought at a dispensary
  • Based on the grade, SN charges a fair price for this Greenhouse weed
  • The peppery, minty aftertaste is what separates Cherry Cough from other strains
  • I’m reminded of smoking Strawberry Cough back in the day
  • Cherry Cough has a much “darker,” heavier taste than Strawberry Cough, though

Secret Nature Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower after 7 days

  • I started smoking Cherry Cough 1 week after receiving my SN care package
  • Now, 2 weeks after receiving the package, almost everything is gone
  • About half of my Cherry Cough eighth remains
  • I’ve been using it to supplement the rest of my strains as they disappear
  • The throat harshness is more apparent when smoked right after other strains
  • What I love the most about this strain is the potency
  • What I wish was different are the smell and taste — but that’s just the way greenhouse weed is

Secret Nature Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower use tips

Hold your nose the first time you open the bag, and you’ll learn to fall in love with this ultra-potent greenhouse strain. Cherry Cough has been a Secret Nature legend for years, and it’s a true treat to smoke this new THCA version in a bong. Maybe break out the extra carb, though, to cut down on the strain’s powerful taste.

What is Secret Nature Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower best for?

Secret Nature’s new Greenhouse THCA version of Cherry Cough is ideal for relaxing right before bed for average people. For those who deal with chronic pain on a daily basis, however, the high potency of Cherry Cough combined with its indica attributes may even make it suitable for daytime use.

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Cherry Cough Greenhouse THCA Flower FAQ

Is the strain Cherry Cough the same as Cherry Cough Syrup?

No, Secret Nature Cherry Cough and the THC strain Cherry Cough Syrup are not related despite their similar names. Cherry Cough Syrup is an OG Kush derivative while Secret Nature Cherry Cough comes to us by way of its CBD parent and a THCA mother.

Is Cherry Cough related to Strawberry Cough?

Both strains make you cough, but no, Secret Nature Cherry Cough and the famous THC strain Strawberry Cough are not directly related. One easy tell is that Strawberry Cough is a sativa while Cherry Cough is indica-leaning.

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