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Article: Can You Buy THCA Online in Any State?

Can You Buy THCA Online in Any State?

Can You Buy THCA Online in Any State?

The THCA revolution is here. Millions of Americans are now smoking real weed that they bought on the internet, but is buying and possessing THCA-rich cannabis flower equally legal in every state?

Whether you’ve already bought THCA flower or you're considering the benefits, it’s important to learn more about federal THCA law and how it might be enforced differently based on state borders. In this guide, learn what THCA is, and find out if you’re able to buy it in the state where you live.

What is THCA?

Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is the precursor to THC, which means it turns into THC. A variety of catalysts can cause THCA to turn into THC, usually exposure to oxygen or ultraviolet light.

THCA can also be triggered to turn into THC with heat, such as the heat applied when vaping or smoking THCA concentrate or flower. Since most use methods cause THCA to turn into THC, users often consider the two cannabinoids to be roughly identical.

How is THCA different from THC?

Before it is converted into THC, THCA is very different from THC and has effects more similar to those of CBD. In fact, THCA has been researched for many of the same conditions as CBD, such as neuroprotection and epilepsy.

It takes very little to convert THCA into THC, which is the express aim of most people who use this cannabinoid. When heated or otherwise decarboxylated, THCA becomes exactly identical to THC — put another way, THCA converts into THC when heated, so the cannabinoids aren’t all that different.

Is THCA federally legal?

THCA is currently available online due to the wording of the 2018 Farm Bill, which stipulates that substances other than THC are “industrial hemp,” not the Schedule I illicit drug “marijuana.” Attempting to curb the rise of THC-like substances on the general market, the DEA released a letter in June of 2023 that legal analysts argue only gave the go-ahead to THCA producers nationwide.

Put in the simplest terms possible, THCA is not delta-9 THC until it is decarboxylated, so it is not “marijuana” as defined under the Controlled Substances Act. Some particularities apply — if you’re interested in learning more about THCA law and how it affects Secret Nature products, please review this official legal document prepared by Kight Law.

Has THCA been banned in any states?

To our knowledge, THCA has not been banned in any American states. Any attempts to do so would likely be blocked by federal law, such as occurred in Arkansas when lawmakers attempted to illegalize delta 8 and delta 10.

Some states have taken exactly the opposite approach, with Minnesota, for instance, fully legalizing delta 8 products in 2023. For the most part, THCA does not even appear to be on the radar of state lawmakers, who are still contending with delta 8 and other THC alternatives that emerged during the pandemic.

In which states is THCA legal?

Since THCA has not been banned within any state borders, it is legal under federal law in all 50 states. Below, we’ll take a closer look at THCA law in 10 of America’s most populous states:

Is THCA legal in Texas?

THCA has recently skyrocketed into popularity in Texas, and there are no signs that lawmakers intend to shut down THCA commerce in the Lone Star State. Local hemp advocates have issued warnings regarding THCA’s potential psychoactivity, but no efforts have been made to ban this hemp cannabinoid.

Is THCA legal in Florida?

State lawmakers in Florida have not specifically banned THCA, so the law in the state reverts to the 2018 Farm Bill, which appears to stipulate that THCA and similar hemp cannabinoids are fully legal.

Is THCA legal in Tennessee?

Yes, THCA is not banned in Tennessee. Hemp products produced in Tennessee must be made with cannabis cultivated according to state laws and registered through the state government, but no such stipulation applies to products produced out of state.

Is THCA legal in California?

THCA is not specifically regulated in California, and the state does not consider THCA to be a form of THC. As a result, Golden State residents and visitors should feel comfortable buying THCA online and having it shipped across state lines.

Is THCA legal in Oregon?

In 2022, Oregon passed HB 3000, significantly restricting THCA production in the state. This bill only affects THCA producers located in Oregon, however, and has no bearing on products consumers import from other states via online purchase.

Is THCA legal in New York?

In an attempt to regulate its new adult-use cannabis industry, New York has restricted retailers in the state from selling THCA products unless they are registered adult-use cannabis vendors. However, this ruling only applies to products sold within New York state lines, leaving residents free to buy THCA products online that originate in other states.

Is THCA legal in Illinois?

Illinois has not specifically tackled the issue of regulating THCA. As a result, THCA laws in the state revert to the federal precedent set by the 2018 Farm Bill, i.e. that industrial hemp containing THCA is legal.

Is THCA legal in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania lawmakers have not banned or otherwise regulated THCA. As a result, products containing the cannabinoid can be bought within state lines or imported from other states via online purchase.

Is THCA legal in Georgia?

Georgia thoroughly defines THCA in the context of decarboxylation in the definitions section of the state’s General Provisions for hemp, but Georgia lawmakers have failed to restrict the sale of THCA products in any way. Georgia residents should feel free to buy THCA products online.

Is THCA legal in Michigan?

THCA has not been specifically regulated by Michigan lawmakers. As a result, the federal precedent stands, which stipulates that THCA is a hemp cannabinoid.

Buying THCA online vs. buying THCA in-person

As is demonstrated above, some of the largest states in the country have imposed restrictions on the sale of THCA products within their borders. Without significant overreach, though, or federal support, states are incapable of restricting interstate commerce.

So, even in states like New York and Oregon, in which THCA products cannot be offered for general sale if they were produced within the state, regulators cannot stop residents from purchasing these products online. Making your THCA purchases online keeps you in the clear of state regulators while also providing you with considerably improved product options.

How to buy THCA online

Buying THCA products online is just like buying any other product on the internet. It’s common for companies to restrict business to adult customers only, but otherwise, anyone can buy THCA products online regardless of where they live in the country.

The moment your order is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking number you can use to keep an eye on your package all the way to your mailbox or front door. Buying THCA products online provides you with considerably greater options, including some products that rival the quality of top-shelf dispensary offerings.

The bottom line: Can I buy THCA online in my state?

Yes, you can buy THCA products online no matter which state you live in. Do not be confused by state laws that restrict the production or sale of THCA within their borders. These rules only apply to producers or sellers of THCA, not consumers who buy THCA products online.

No state in the union has specifically banned its residents from purchasing or possessing THCA products. Now is the time to embrace the next revolution in cannabis, which includes high-grade, genuine weed you can buy online.

Buying THCA online FAQ

Learn more about the ins and outs of buying THCA products online in this informative FAQ section:

Is THCA legal in the United States?

The United States federal government has not specifically countermanded the 2018 Farm Bill instituted by Congress by making THCA products illegal. In June of 2023, the DEA attempted to clarify the federal position on THCA, only making matters murkier. The 2023 Farm Bill is expected to shed some light on the situation, but it’s unclear which way the law regarding hemp will turn with the advent of this upcoming legislation.

How much THCA is allowed in hemp?

Currently, THCA levels are not specifically regulated in hemp. The only qualifier of whether a cannabis sample is “hemp” or “marijuana” is its concentration of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, the only substance specifically named as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. As a result, there is no limit on the amount of THCA that can be contained in hemp products.

Is THCA considered a drug?

No, THCA is not considered to be a drug from the perspective of federal law. In fact, the only substance in Cannabis sativa specifically considered an “illicit drug” under the Controlled Substances Act is delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. There are distinct chemical differences between THCA and THC, leading to the substances being regulated separately.

Are delta 9 and THCA the same thing?

No, delta 9 THC and THCA are not the same thing even though they are very closely related. THCA is the precursor compound that turns into THC after cannabis is harvested. Nearly all the “THC” in harvested cannabis is still in the form of THCA; that’s why budtenders will tell you to decarboxylate your buds before making them into edibles.

Even though THCA turns into THC when heated, the compounds are viewed separately for regulatory reasons. They also have very different effects with THCA being non-intoxicating like CBD unless it is converted into THC.

How powerful is THCA?

If it is left in its original form and not converted into THC, THCA has roughly the same “strength” as CBD — it will not get you high but might make you feel lightly relaxed. When converted into THC, though, THCA has the same potency as any weed you’ve ever smoked. THCA becomes THC when heated, making it impossible to compare the two cannabinoids in the context of smoking or vaping.

Which strains have THCA?

Any strain that is considered “high-THC” is, first and foremost, high-THCA. As cannabis matures, THC begins its life as THCA, making all strains with THC as their dominant cannabinoid technically high-THCA as well.

What is the strongest THCA available?

With flower strains pushing 30% THCA and 60% total-cannabinoid live resin distillate vape cartridges, Secret Nature offers the strongest THCA products available online. Even better, Secret Nature THCA products provide the same or better level of quality as is found on the top shelf of premier dispensaries, making it more rewarding than ever to buy THCA online.

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